Welcome to rekafoto!

Born in 1979 in Cluj, Romania as an ethnic Hungarian, I grew up in Sweden between 1990 and 2002. Pursuing my childhood dream, I moved to Budapest in 2002 to study and work. I lived in Budapest for six years, completing my studies and working as a freelance translator, language teacher and support analyst. Accepting a job opportunity in Sweden, I moved to Stockholm in 2008, where I am currently living and working as a customer service rep.

I took up photography in 2005, and it soon became my number one hobby, dominating my free time and travels. I am mostly fascinated by urban, landscape and nature photography. I like to learn new techniques and among my preferred ones are HDR, wide-angle and long shutter speed photography.

In mid-2008 I launched a Hungarian blog about my photography, writing about everyday discoveries, methods and evolution. The blog will be incorporated in the rekafoto.com website. It is currently available in Hungarian only.

Réka Solymosi